If you live in New York City, you've probably seen the stickers. You may have even met someone rocking the wristband. If you went to heavy music events, there's a good chance you've heard of or caught a Fear Is Dead show.

The band has released 5 EPs to date, their sound gradually evolving over the years into the heavy, minimalist, “in your face” band they are today. The present lineup consists of two familiar faces, front-man Skila (one of the founders) and guitarist David English (guitarist for the last 3 EPs and second senior member). and newcomers, Tim I (bassist) and Ish Roberts (drummer).

Fear is Dead was originally formed in a garage in Queens, New York in 2011. Since then, they have been racking up a number of awe-inspiring live performances all over NYC, melting faces from Knitting Factory to the Studio at Webster Hall. In 2018, they put together a small but successful west coast tour from California up to Seattle and back, making new fans and friends along the way. A couple of times a year you can catch them packing the house at their second home, Brooklyn's Lucky 13 Saloon. They've shared stages with artists like Rebelmatic, Solemn Vision, and Hed P.E. and have been mentioned in Metal Injection, Metal Underground.Com, Aquarian Weekly, Tattoo.Com, and New Noise Magazine.

The band's unique sound and intense energy have garnered the acclaim of many of New York’s underground, bringing together fans from the Metal and Hardcore/Punk scenes. They've been described as "cathartic", "expressionist", "groove-heavy" and "raw", exploring the darker, deeper, and sometimes grittier side of the human experience. David's guitar work, known for being "rhythmic and riff-heavy," provides the perfect environment for Skila's aggressive, syncopated style, and at times rapid staccato vocals. With a new rhythm section on board, the band was performing consistently prior to Covid19 and In January 2020 they released the single "Assimilation" a song that was very fitting for the world events that followed.At the moment Fear Is Dead is staying busy in this new reality. going live on social media, doing live stream events and fundraisers, and working on their first full length which is due in 2021.


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